Thursday, September 22, 2011

The final choices have been made.

Yes, it is not even October yet, but we start talking about ideas for Halloween costumes about mid-summer.  Usually, the requests change several times before I can even get working on them, but I think we have our winners for this year!  Let me first explain that I don't really know how to sew.  I don't  know how to read a pattern that even calls itself  "Simplicity" to make me feel more stupid . I would love to be a great seamstress, but for now, I settle with a little sewing and a lot of hot glue sticks!
I get stressed out over it every year, but I love making my kids' costumes and seeing their excitement as they come to form.  I don't remember ever having a store-bought costume growing up.  Even if it was stuff from my own closet with a few added accessories, the creativity was the fun part.  So let the creativity begin!

Leo's choice this year is Green Lantern.  I think the final decision making point came when he asked if he would get his own light-up ring and I said yes.

Evan, as you may have guessed, decided to be Flash because he can run sooooo fast!  Although I would like to follow his blue-print, I think the final product will be an amped up version of this 2005 rendering I did for Jack's first Halloween.

Jack has started planning for about the next five Halloweens, but for this year he came out of the blue with Master Chief from Halo.  I feel a little guilty, like I am cheating.  I actually made a Master Chief costume for Leo two years ago.  It conveniently fits Jack now.  After a little touching up, it should be great. 

And Ollie... we talked about being Plex, or a Minion from Despicable me... some of his favorites...
He finally decided on Wolverine and is sticking to it. 

Of course when I make them, they always end up being versions that are much more kid friendly.  And usually padded and warm.... I hated wearing my coat over my costume.  Come on!!
So soon, I will be hitting thrift stores and craft stores to find just the right things to dye, cut, sew, glue, paint and ultimately bring smiles to my favorite little faces.
Wish me luck.


Robyn said...

I am so happy to see that you're posting again! Your posts are very entertaining- I think that you should add "write comical book about being a mom" to your bucketlist. I'd be a best seller for sure! ...also your kids have the BEST Halloween costumes ever even if October 30th is a little hectic! xxxxx, Robyn

Robyn said...

My last post should say "It would be a best seller" not "I'd be a best seller" so embarrassing! I wasn't aware of a Fredian slip of the keyboard until now!