Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack-Jack!

Everybody loves Jack! There's just something about him that reaches out and grabs a little piece of your heart... even when he is being naughty. Today he turned 3 years old! Or "really big" if you ask him. Not only did his daddy have the day off to spend with him, but Grandpa Rob got to come stay and we were lucky enough to spend the evening with Aunt Margaret, Uncle Dean and the lovely Five Fosters! Of course he also had many messages of love coming his way for his very special day. If you asked him what he wanted for his birthday he would reply without fail, "trucks and mud and rocks and water". Evan thought that maybe someone could buy him some dirt seeds so that we could grow him some dirt. Of course Grandpa delivered with the very thing his heart desired...
Remember the days when a robot shirt and Lightning McQueen underpants were all you needed to start your day? But, I digress. Here is Jack with his brand new sand and water table.
Here is everyone enjoying the new table. Ahh what could be better? Sand on one side, water on the other...
How about mud ALL OVER! And do you want to know something? It was his birthday dream come true.
This is the part where I try to take pictures of Jack opening some of his presents. (And no, Leo did not get into a fight... if you look closely you will see a tiny pin prick of a red mark made by one horrible and beastly mosquito and BAM his whole face swelled up.)
This is the part where Ollie decides to help me.
A couple of months ago, the plan was to make a robot cake. I have to admit though that "rocks and mud" was just about the easiest cake I have ever had one of them request! The kids all thought it was so cool to eat real-looking chocolate rocks.
Here is our "working guy" very happy about his new tools. You may have noticed him wearing this ensemble as he blew out his candles. For a boy who was very kindly told at every well-visit for his first 18 months that he just "wasn't the biggest guy" he has grown into quite a tank. He can take on both of his older brothers now. His hands are almost as big as Leo's and his feet are passing Evan's. We love every inch of him!
Happy Birthday Jack!!